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Eugene A. Seidel

      Eugene A. Seidel received his juris doctorate degree from the University of Baltimore School of Law in December, 1978. He has been practicing law in the Baltimore area since that time. Mr Seidel represented the City of Baltimore as an Assistant City Solicitor from 1980-1988 doing real estate work and high impact litigation. His clients included the Office of the Mayor, Charles Center Inner Harbor Management Company and the Department of Housing and Community Development. 

      He also was a part time Assistant Professor of Real Estate Law. In 1988, he was invited by then Governor William Donald Schaefer to serve as Deputy Insurance Commissioner for the State of Maryland. He served in that capacity for approximately 2 years.

      In 1990, Mr. Seidel formed The Law Offices of Eugene A. Seidel, P.A.  The firm primarily handles insurance related matters including, without limitation, lobbying and regulatory work for large health insurance companies, extensive subrogation work for both large and small health insurers and managed care organizations and bond reimbursement work for large surety companies. The firm, to a lesser extent has also continued to handle real estate matters.

      Seidel Subrogation Associates, L.L.C. was recently formed by Eugene A. Seidel to handle the investigation of possible subrogation and worker's compensation claims on behalf of various health insurance companies. The Company researches whether specific treatments and injuries of health insurance policy members were the result of actions by third parties or the responsibility of your employer. If a third party or your employer was responsible for the injuries, then the case is referred to The Law Offices of Eugene A. Seidel, P.A. to pursue the subrogation rights of its clients.